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10 New Year’s Resolutions for Business Success

1.    Delegate more.  Learn how to delegate and start doing more of it.  Let go and ask for help. Partner with an administrative support consultant who can work with you and take those tasks off your to do list that you shouldn’t be spending your time doing, and start focusing more on your core business priorities.

2.    Network, Network, Network. Join a new community group, business organization, and/or attend networking events. Keep sharing what you do in your business with others.   Don’t let what you do be “the best kept secret in town.”  Make new connections and build and nurture relationships on a consistent basis.  Be interested in other people, be likeable, and be trustworthy.

3.   Stay focused. Revisit your Business Plan and make updating it a monthly or quarterly task.

4.   Learn new things.  Update your skills, take a course, expand your knowledge, research a topic that interests you, and share what you’ve learned with others.

5.    Volunteer. Give something back to your community. But don’t over commit!

6.    Prioritize. Make more time for family and friends. Don’t be a stranger!

7.    Take time for yourself. Take short breaks to recharge your battery. Spend time doing something you love to do besides work once in a while.  Turn off the cellphone, and don’t check email or voice mail messages during this time. Let your administrative support partner do that for you!

8.    Get organized. Set realistic goals and vow to meet them. Write them down, then break the steps needed to complete them into blocks of time and schedule them into your daily/weekly routine until you’ve reached them.  Find an accountability partner to help you stay on track.

9.    Let go. Learn to let go of what’s not working for you and move forward.  Expand your horizons.

10.  Stay positive. Keep a positive attitude and share it with others. Make a difference!


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Author bio: Lisa Salem is a professional Virtual Executive Assistant and General Transcriptionist.  Lisa is the Founder and Managing Member of Monarch Virtual Assistance LLC,  and brings over 25 years of administrative and business management experience to her business and the clients she partners with. Lisa works to promote the Virtual Assistance industry and to make it stand out as a true profession of excellence. Lisa loves helping her clients build successful businesses by taking the administrative tasks off their “to do” list so they can have more time to focus on the core business priorities that will generate income and accelerate business growth. Her style is easy going, yet focused, with emphasis placed on going the extra mile to exceed clients expectations by providing quality service, excellent value, and total satisfaction to ensure long-term dedication, loyalty, and results.

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